Pozar Thermal Springs-Edessa Tour

Leading you from natural hot springs to… “the step where God stands to ascend to heaven”

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Edessa & Pozar Thermal Spring

A unique city – the city of water – famous for the existing waterfalls and the numerous waterways, the small bridges, the parks and roads which you are free to wander. The ultimate destination for those who wish to enjoy the healing properties of hot springs along with physical and mental well-being offered through the contact with nature.

Departure dates

Every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday Around the year (excluding the dates from 19/12/2022-19/2/2022)

Meeting point & Departure time

08:00, “Lefkos Pyrgos” (White Tower) or alternatively at 08:05, Hotel “Makedonia Palace”, Meg. Alexandrou Str., N.2. 08:15, “Agalma Venizelou” (Statue of Venizelos), Egnatias & Aristotelous Str., “Petalo”
08:25, Hotel “Onoma”, Monastiriou Str., N. 24

Tour Duration

approximately 9 hours

Tour Description

Pozar Thermal Springs

Known as the "Garden of Eden"

We set off on our trip to Pozar Thermal Springs (Loutra Pozar) on a bus of “TSOKAS Bus Services” along with our tour leader. The distance is about 100km and we will be traveling for about 1,5 hour.

At 10:00 we will arrive at our destination, the so-called spa town, which is also known as the “Garden of Eden”, due to the beautiful forest of the area and the existing thermal springs, which are heated at a temperature of 37° and rise to the surface from great depths in the Earth, containing a wealth of minerals. Thus, the waters create a natural spa where you can relax, enjoying their healing properties.


Spectacular waterfalls

This tour of absolute relaxation would be incomplete without visiting the quaint city of Edessa. There we can admire the spectacular twelve waterfalls of the area – which are considered to be the largest in the Balkans, since the water falls from a height of 70 meters – and visit the traditional neighborhood of “Varosi”, widely-known for the historic buildings of Macedonian architecture; then we can wander the paved roads leading to the “Open-Air Museum of Water” and the “Mill of Flavors”.

And of course do not forget to enjoy the unique shopping opportunities offered at shops with local products or savor the taste of the local cuisine at one of the traditional taverns of the city.
Being full of enthusiasm with the beautiful scenery of unparalleled beauty and having enjoyed a unique experience we will leave at 15:00, getting you to the points of departure in Thessaloniki.

Included in price
  • Carriage on a luxury bus.
  • Tour leader throughout the tour (Eng. & Gr.).
  • Taxes
  • Full insurance for the passengers of the bus.
More Services & Offers
  • FOR FREE rain ponchos
  • FOR FREE tips for passengers
Not Included
  • Admission fees concerning the pools of Pozar Thermal Springs, Open-Air Museum of Water and Mill of Flavors (2,00 € -3,00 € per visit).
  • Guided tour
  • Lunch at a traditional tavern of Edessa.
  • Personal expenses & tips
Useful Info
  • You will meet our staff members at the point of departure/arrival “White Tower” (Lefkos Pyrgos) and our tour leader on the bus.
  • You are recommended to have contact with the tour leader and comply with the guidelines for avoiding misunderstanding.
  • Try to arrive at your desired point of departure at least 10 minutes prior to the time referred to in the timetable.
  • Get information on weather conditions.
  • Dress casually with casual footwear. Do not forget your hat, sunglasses and sun cream (in summer).


Applicable from the 15th of April, 2022 to 31st of March, 2023.
Price per person: Adult
55,00 €
Minor (5-15 years old)/Student/Disabled Person
42,00 €

Explore the Area

About the Area…

Pozar Thermal Springs (deriving from the word “Пожар” which means “fire”, “beneath the fire” or “heat in Slavic”) that are widely-known as Thermal Springs of Loutraki or Thermal Springs of Aridea or simply Thermal Springs (Loutra) are located near the region of Loutraki , belonging to the prefecture of Pella, 13km to the west of Aridea at an altitude of 400 meters. Those springs constitute a natural spa, being surrounded by an imposing natural environment.

Τhe mineral composition of the springs is of great importance, while the water is heated at a temperature of 37° and rises to the surface. Thermal springs have healing properties and offer potable water, while visitors can enjoy hydrotherapy, which recharges their body and soul and enhances circulation and respiratory system.
The spa town is situated about 3km away from the region of Loutraki near the stream valley of Agios Nikolaos. In the past, the name of the stream was “Toplitsa” which in Slavic means “Thermopotamos” (meaning warm river water in English).

In the wider area of the city a series of about 15 caves has been discovered, featuring abundant findings dating back to prehistoric times, which are exhibited in the Small Museum of Thermal Springs. The area has been declared a Cave Park (Almopia Speleopark), which is one of a kind in Greece.

In the 1920s, the Thermal Springs were officially declared healing waters, while in the 1990s the refreshment area along with the large outdoor pool were constructed, often used by visitors.
During the same period, adjacent caves were examined and thus the first Cave Park (Speleopark) in Greece was established, while in 2010 the location of the Thermal Springs was improved through the construction of 6 new pools (Alexandrio Hydrotherapy Center) and the Turkish baths were renovated.

Εdessa… the city of water and five senses…the so-called eyebrow of the city, “the step where God stands to ascend to heaven”
Menelaos Lountemis

An area with unparalleled natural beauty. Get amazed by the waterfalls, learn about the region’s history and wander the roads…

The waterfalls of Edessa –the largest in the Balkans – are situated at a privileged location, at the heart of the city, where the falls have carved the rock as the water flows over, the “eyebrow of the city”. The waterfalls’ water comes from the springs of the wetland Agra-Nissi-Vryta, by accumulating water from melting snow of Mt. Kaimaktsalan (Voras).

Two waterfalls out of twelve are the largest and can be visited, gaining the attention of tourists and belonging to the most important attractions in Greece. They also present a unique aspect of nature, highlighting its great power.

Existing stairs will lead us to various points (even below the waterfalls), where we will feel the fresh air on our face, caused from the relentless force of water hitting the rock , enjoy the view of the rainbow caused by sunlight and atmospheric conditions and relax in recreation areas.